Prison Break Director Bobby Roth Becomes "Celebrity Mentor" of Color World Metaverse Project

Prison Break Director Bobby Roth Becomes “Celebrity Mentor” of Color World Metaverse Project

American television and film director, screenwriter, and producer Bobby Roth has partnered with entertainment company Color Star to promote its metaverse project.

Roth, known for Prison Break and Lost, will take the role of “celebrity mentor” for Color Star’s ColorWorld Metaverse software platform (Color World). The company has also acquired the exclusive copyright license for related NFT tokens.

Bobby Roth has previously served as a celebrity mentor on the Color World platform and has recorded a short series of film and TV masterclasses. “With his widespread popularity and top level of professionalism, the courses were embraced and loved by fans and members as soon as they were released,” the company said in an announcement. 

According to the announcement, Roth will be the first celebrity director of the project. He will also create more masterclass courses and exclusively licensed non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“I am very excited to be a Color World celebrity mentor again. I am very interested in the platform and I look forward to sharing my knowledge here with people who have a passion for filmmaking,” Bobby Roth said. 

Farhan Qadir, the CEO of Color Star, added that the company plans to collaborate with more celebrities in a bid to attract more users to its metaverse project. He said that the objective of the collaboration is to invite top celebrities in fields such as art, entertainment, and sports to produce high-quality content for users of the metaverse.

“Our next step will be to invite more top international celebrity artists to become Color World mentors, who will then produce more masterclass courses in art, entertainment, sports, etc., so that our members can have access to more invaluable expert knowledge,” he said.

The Color World metaverse is described as a unique ‘Amazon-YouTube-Metaverse’ blend, unlike anything before seen on the market. It links two entities that society is constantly alternating between real-world versus digital.

The metaverse is set to expand on Color Star’s star-studded roster into the virtual world, allowing users to attend concerts from pop sensations, and fulfill their own aspirations for stardom by using Color World’s artificial intelligence-powered technology upon its 2022 launch.

Color Star Technology is a public entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment performances and online music education services.

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