Adidas to Reward Finishers of Latest Buenos Aires International Marathon with Merch-Redeemable NFTs

Adidas to Reward Finishers of Latest Buenos Aires International Marathon with Merch-Redeemable NFTs

Adidas has teamed up with Web3 platform Qurable to reward finishers of the latest Buenos Aires International Marathon with utility non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

The NFT acts as a digital medal, allowing the marathon finishers to collect a custom digital certificate that authenticates their finishing times and gives them access to other benefits, including Adidas’ AdiClub loyalty program.

Speaking about how the project came about, Federico Garcia, CEO, and co-founder of Qurable said BA International Marathon and Adidas were looking to add value and innovation to this year’s event, which presented a perfect opportunity for the company to offer a web element3.

The race is one of the stops on the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) calendar and saw more than 8,500 participants in 2022. 

This was enough volume to make this activation viable for the Qurable team, assisted by Adidas and the Willingness of the other sponsors to understand the value proposition of the technology for the runners. Understanding the real value that these tokenized experiences can bring to users is “the most important thing,” says Federico.

“Technology by itself can be interesting, but if it is not applied to the benefit of the consumer, it becomes a mere lab test. Two of Qurable’s founders (including myself) are marathon runners – and we have other runners in the team – which clearly made it easier for us to understand the added value of a personalized NFT with the name and time of the finisher,” he said, adding:  

“We understand the value of this new technology, and what validation and authenticity processes are involved in the blockchain. We picture all marathons around the world awarding this type of medal allowing runners to truly live a decentralized experience and certify their performance before any organization in the world.”

NFT Holders Will be Able to Unlock Merchandise From Adidas Stores

NFT receivers will be able to unlock merchandise at their local Adidas store. However, the clothing giant didn’t disclose what type of merch they would be able to claim. 

To make the scheme accessible to all, Qurable has simplified the NFT collection process by removing the hurdle of setting up and maintaining a personal crypto wallet. 

Instead, it allows them to interact with the tokens directly through the Qurable interface, while also including the option to send the digital medal to an external location.

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