After Rugging NFT Investors, OnlyFans Model Vanessa Sierra Hit Back at those Who Called Out Her Scam

After Rugging NFT Investors, OnlyFans Model Vanessa Sierra Hit Back at those Who Called Out Her Scam

Vanessa Sierra, former star of Love Island and ex-girlfriend of Aussie tennis player Bernard Tomic, has hit back at those who called out her scam after she pulled the rug out on the investors of her non-fungible token (NFT) project ‘Smol Boyz Land’.

Recently, Only Fans model and NFT founder Vanessa Sierra has been accused of rugging her NFT project ‘Smol Boyz Land’.

According to Twitter user @NFTHerder, 18 ETH was sent to two wallets using a “multisig” after the project’s mint. One of the wallets used funds to buy 28 SmolBoyz NFTs to then transfer them over to six wallets. 

This is seen as a classic example of wash trading by the project’s founders. Even that wasn’t bad enough, co-founder @itsreagan.eth is accused of using the remaining 2.9 ETH to pump up the project’s floor prices and create fake demand.

Further accusations suggest that from March to May, the remaining funds were slowly spread between the founders or cashed out. In contrast, in July, Sierra stated via the NFT project’s Discord that “absolutely none of the funding has been taken by founders.” She then stated that the funds were “still sitting in the public wallet address.”

So, how did Vanessa Sierra respond to these accusations? By DMCA reporting Twitter accounts.

The DMCA is a United States law that defines guidelines for online platforms in cases of copyright infringement. By submitting a DMCA report, Sierra locked a Twitter account relating the issue to Twitter policies.

So Sierra gets called out by @CryptoFinally, and responds by having the account locked. Having your critics silenced is not a great look.

But Twitter users cannot be silenced! Accounts on Twitter continue to report that Sierra scammed the investors of her NFT project.

At the time of writing, the 120 ETH that was removed from the project’s main wallet in March — worth $154,000 today — remains unaccounted for, leaving many wondering what the funds have been used for.

The community calls for transparency of NFT projects and their founders in order to protect the reputation of the crypto industry. Nonetheless, Vanessa Sierra DMCA reports show she is not going to let anyone accuse her in any way.

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