Decentraland Celebrates Christmas with Ugly Sweater Wearable Contest

Decentraland Celebrates Christmas with Ugly Sweater Wearable Contest

Metaverse world ‘Decentraland’ has announced an Ugly Sweater Wearable contest to celebrate the holiday season.

While in the real world ugly Xmas sweaters are limited by what you can create with yarn, pompoms, and sequins, in the metaverse the options are limitless. 

“Based on the numerous unique and outlandish Wearables the DCL community has already created to date, this Ugly Sweater Wearable Contest is sure to result in some winter Wearables that will raise eyebrows. Get creating, designers!” Decentraland said in an announcement. 

To enter, simply create, publish, and submit your ‘wackiest wearable’ using the form on the Decentraland website. The contest opens will run until Monday, December 19, 2022, 7 AM UTC.

There are three factors that impact the judging criteria: winter/holiday theme that represents the idea of an ‘ugly holiday sweater,’ wackiness and fun factor, and uniqueness.

But what about the prize? The first place in the context will be awarded 800 MANA, which is equivalent to $335 at current rates. Second to 10th place will get 600 MANA, worth around $251, as a prize. “All winners will also have their amazing creations shown off on the official Decentraland Twitter!” the metaverse platform said.

Decentraland is the first decentralized virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum that allows users to buy and own virtual property. The three-dimensional virtual reality platform aims to thrive in the growing metaverse. It lets users become a part of its digital community and even purchase digital assets like plots of land, collectibles, artworks, and NFTs.

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