Forbes to Launch Virtual Event in Collaboration with The Sandbox

Forbes to Launch Virtual Event in Collaboration with The Sandbox

Prominent American business magazine company Forbes has announced a virtual event in The Sandbox as part of the company’s foray into the Metaverse.

Forbes members were able to visit it from November 10. Furthermore, the event embraces the remarkable history of the company and includes quests, a DJ booth, virtual billionaires, and a bar. 

Those who will be attending the event will be given a wearable NFT that serves as their means of entry. Once they are in, they will get to enjoy a plethora of experiences tied to the Forbes Metaverse including finding hidden parts such as the Forbes Highlander Yacht.

“During the event, members can embark on a fun and challenging quest to find different areas of the metaverse property, including a DJ booth, bar, and dance floor,” Forbes said. 

“Members can also explore the famous Forbes Highlander Yacht, where the likes of Paul McCartney, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Henry and Nancy Kissinger hung out back in the 1980s. Of course, attendees have the chance to interact with other members and answer fun and challenging trivia about Forbes and its history as well.”

There is an extensive NFT gallery at the Forbes metaverse event. This will include several virtual NFT Billionaires on display. Furthermore, attendees can participate in trivia and interact with other Forbes members at the metaverse event.

Forbes’ Chief Technology Officer Vadim Supitskiy said they aim to engage with users everywhere they are with the virtual event. 

“We’re always looking to provide more value to our members and offer them unique and engaging experiences – from the real world, Web2 and Web3,” said Supitskiy, “We envision this space to be a place where our community will convene, make new connections, learn, discover new ideas, entertain and have fun.”

Forbes has been covering the metaverse since its inception but made its first official embrace in April 2021 when it turned a Forbes cover into an NFT, followed by five consecutive covers featured in the Forbes 2021 Billionaires magazine issue. 

Forbes held its inaugural Forbes Digital Assets & Web3 Summit in March of this year, which was succeeded by the unveiling of its virtual Billionaires NFT collection, in partnership with FTX, in April.

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