Nike's RTFKT Launches Smart Sneaker, But Won't Ship it Outside of the U.S.

Nike’s RTFKT Launches Smart Sneaker, But Won’t Ship it Outside of the U.S.

Nike’s Web3-based RTFKT Studios has finally launched its Cryptokicks IRL smart sneaker, but only to disappoint fans by revealing that the sneakers would only be available in the U.S.

With auto-lacing, enhanced lighting, haptic feedback, gesture control, walk detection, App connectivity, AI/ML algorithms, and wireless charging, you can flex your web3 shoes IRL. 

The new sneakers, revealed during Miami Art Week, combine Nike’s technology and RTFKT’s vision. There are four colorways, and these sneakers are the first Web3 sneaker on the market. You can even customize the lights and animations on your smart sneakers, and enjoy the comfortable pre-programmed fit provided by smart-lacing tech. 

With all of this in mind, the NFT community was of course HYPED to get their hands on a pair. BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE IN THE US. The team stated that this was the case “due to advanced tech and product regulation.” The community is now in an uproar.

Holders made fair points and argued that the team had eight months to announce the shipping details. You can almost grow a full-term baby in that time, but they can’t announce a crucial detail. 

Instead, it was not made clear and as a result, secondary buyers continued to buy MNLTH 2. Furthermore, the team published a thread to clear the air. Still, the air is not clear in the slightest. 

The team didn’t include the details regarding the regulatory shipping restrictions hence the reason community members questioned the legitimacy of the claim. 

Hopefully, RTFKT can solve the shipping issue. If not, I guess I’m moving to the US for some fancy sneakers.

As reported, sportswear giant Nike is the most successful company with its non-fungible token (NFT) foray, generating millions in revenue from the sale of its NFTs.

The company had raked in over $185 million from the sale of its NFTs by early September, outperforming other fashion brands by a wide margin. Furthermore, Nike had received over $93 million in royalties by September. The company’s NFT collection had made $93 million in primary sales volume and $92 million in secondary sales.

Earlier this year, Nike and RTFKT unveiled their first collection of virtual sneakers. Called CryptoKicks, it was a collection of 20,000 digital wearable items apparently designed for use in metaverse worlds.

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