How to Create an NFT on SuperRare

How to Create an NFT on SuperRare

Are you looking to mint your non-fungible token (NFT) collection on SuperRare? We reported that creating an NFT on OpenSea is easy and intuitive. However, the same is not true about rival NFT marketplace SuperRare.

In fact, creating an NFT on SuperRare requires the submission of a formal application and conforming to the site’s criteria for quality and scarcity. 

In this article, we will talk about what it takes to create and mint your NFT on SuperRare. But first, what is SuperRare, and how it stands out from the crowd?

What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is an exclusive crypto art market for buying and selling NFTs. This NFT marketplace lists a curated array of digital artwork produced by prominent NFT artists and up-and-coming creators, billing itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s.” Its focus on quality over quantity has earned SuperRare a relatively upmarket reputation within the NFT platform space.

SuperRare was founded in 2017 by John Crain, Charles Crain, and Johnathan Perkins–the CEO, CTO, and CPO. They are also the founders of Pixura, the company building the crypto collectible technology running SuperRare.

SuperRare has listed works that span a broad spectrum of artistic styles ranging from photorealistic illustrations to psychedelic and conceptual art. 

What is SuperRare?
What is SuperRare?

While SuperRare originally started off as a high-end art gallery that only listed exclusive NFT collections from prominent artists vetted by its core team, in 2021 the platform introduced its RARE token to facilitate the platform’s governance, transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) led by its community of creatives and collectors. 

SuperRare has several prominent investors including Samsung Next, Mark Cuban, and Ashton Kutcher.

SuperRare is a platform where digital art lovers can connect and collect–they call it “social collecting”. The idea behind SuperRare is the belief that collecting is inherently social so collectors and artists should be able to easily interact around their shared passion. 

On the platform, users can see who the top collectors and trending artists are, how many pieces they’ve bought or created, and how much ETH they’ve spent or accumulated. You can also view the art itself along with a description and its history of owners. 

How to Create NFTs on SuperRare?

Minting NFTs in SuperRare isn’t as easy as clicking Create, selecting a JPEG, and paying a gas fee. If you want to sell your art on SuperRare’s platform, you must submit a formal request and meet the site’s quality and scarcity criteria.

SuperRare has an official Google form that any user can fill out if they think their art meets SuperRare’s standards. Those who apply must include a video introduction of approximately one minute plus at least three of their best works of art in a Google Drive folder. 

SuperRare only accepts artists who submit original digital artwork that has not yet been minted on other NFT markets.

Since SuperRare is super popular, it will not respond to people who do not pass this application process. However, if you don’t receive a response within a month or so, you can submit a new Google Form to SuperRare for review.

The benefit of this rigorous selection process is that SuperRare can control the quality of the NFTs allowed on their platform. From an artist’s perspective, a SuperRare listing gives a creator additional prestige in the crypto art community. 

SuperRare rewards its artists with a 10 percent royalty fee for each secondary NFT sale as part of each NFT’s smart contract. Artists also get 85 percent of their core sales from NFTs.

More recently, SuperRare has opened the door to more aspiring NFT artists and curators through its SuperRare Spaces program. According to SuperRare, these spaces function as “sovereign crypto art galleries” where operators control promotional activities, NFT release times, and fees. 

However, because these slots are within the SuperRare ecosystem, they still need to meet SuperRare standards.

People interested in operating a SuperRare Space should answer the 17 questions in the Space Proposal Template and submit their proposals on the official SuperRare forum. SuperRare strongly recommends posting this proposal on their Discord server so community members can review it before voting.

SuperRare currently supports 10 new slots in two voting sessions each month. To participate in the Space Race voting, people must have RARE tokens and participate in the 48-hour voting window.

Even if you don’t want to create or manage NFT art in SuperRare, you can still participate in the SuperRare community by holding RARE tokens and voting on submissions. Currently, you can find these Ethereum-based tokens on many prominent centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

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