"The Memes by 6529" Tops Ranking in Opensea as New "Meme Cards" Drop Incoming 

“The Memes by 6529” Tops Ranking in OpenSea as New “Meme Cards” Drop Incoming

The Memes by 6529 non-fungible token (NFT) collection has climbed to the top of the OpenSea list as the project plans to launch a new “Meme Cards” drop today. 

Punk@6529, who spearheads the project, said in a recent tweet that the new Meme Card NFT Drop is coming soon. The news has ostensibly stirred up excitement around The Memes by 6529 collections. 

As of now, the volume of The Meme by 6529 NFT on Opensea is 212 ETH and is also in the top 5 in Opensea. 

Punk@6529 said in the tweet, “There will be a Meme Cards drop today, around the usual time 11am ET. The artist is Kristy Glas so if you are Kristy Glas HODLer you might want to be around, because otherwise the MemeMaxis will beat you to it.”

Punk@6529 detailed that a few months ago, the legendary fashion designer Vivienne Tam reached out to discuss the use of NFTs in fashion and in physical+digital environments.

By working with fashion designer Vivienne Tam, The Memes by 6529 was also displayed at the New York Fashion Week fashion show.

On September 14, 2022, a model appeared in this show wearing a shirt designed by Vivienne Tam that had a photograph of the Punk@6529 Twitter profile picture along with the words OM and GM. The shirt design was then turned into an NFT and listed on Opensea after the fashion event.

TheMeme6529 is an NFT collection dedicated to promoting the open metaverse movement (decentralization, community, and self-sovereignty) and getting this message out to as many people and wallets as possible.

This collection is created with openness and accessibility in mind. To spread the word and prevent gas battles, edition sizes are often big and cheap.

With Bitcoin’s price being stuck around $16,000, the NFT market is still making some noise.

The top 3 NFT projects with the highest volume in Opensea are all Yuga Labs projects — the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) with 583 ETH in trading volume over the past day, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) with 282 ETH, and CryptoPunks with 263 ETH. 

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