6 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies that can Shine in 2023!

6 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies that Can Shine in 2023!

Why will the Metaverse be successful? What are the 6 metaverse tokens that can attract the attention of investors?

Altcoins are divided into dozens of different groups among themselves. One of the most popular is those focused on the metaverse. We spend hours with a child playing games. 

Time flies like water and those who have the opportunity for entertainment spend thousands of dollars on in-game items. Metaverse is aimed to further the pleasure here, and the themes covered in the movies will take place in the coming years.

Why Metaverse Will Succeed?

There are 8 billion people in the world today and the number of internet users has increased by 178 million this year. The total number of users is thought to be 5.03 billion. Billions of social media users tell us how big the digital world is.

The generation born to the Internet and those who come after them know very well what kind of world this is. Even our fathers and grandfathers are keen to explore the Internet and spend more time on social media than most of us. So why do people spend time online? There is a real world, and it’s not as fun as minorities live in.

Some people discover places they can’t visit whenever they want, on the internet. They meet their need to be liked with their circles on their social media accounts. Metaverse takes this one step further.

People who do not enjoy the real world they live in as much as minorities can spend time in a more fun, virtual world. This may be his utopia, moreover, he can do anything he wants in this virtual world with people in the same group as him.

For years, they have already made us watch this narrative from very different windows in movies. Now seems to be the time for the fictional future to come true. Just as Facebook has billions of users today, just as it is so successful because it provides satisfaction to people in certain respects, the metaverse narrative will also achieve this.

Years later it will turn into a trillion-dollar industry. Just as people can access the internet today from expensive/cheap/quality/poor devices. Just as it can use the same internet, it will be able to connect to the next stage of the internet, Web3 and metaverse, with expensive/cheap/quality/poor VR/AR devices.

I wish the states in the future would make their wars over the metaverse, people would get away from the cruelties of real life with the metaverse, and our real world would evolve into a better place with the hands of those who lived this utopia.

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6 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Poised to Explode in 2023

Its philosophy, excitement, and dreams are good, but we must not forget that these are the very early days of the metaverse and Web3 evolution. In other words, some of the projects that we will mention below, and maybe even all of them, will disappear in a few years, and metaverse applications that are in real demand will be implemented by names we do not even know today.

Perhaps a few of the following applications will build giant ecosystems worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Who knows?

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies that offers unlimited customizations. It was built on Ethereum. From an investment perspective, the token has its own cryptocurrency, MANA, which provides a real benefit.

2. The Sandbox

After Decentraland, Sandbox could be one of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies you should invest in 2023. Sandbox was released before Decentraland by releasing its first game in 2012. It expanded over time and focused more on the metaverse.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies for play-to-win games. Axie Infinity has its own native token known as AXS. In November 2021, the token had seen a growth of around 110,000%.

4. Enjin Coin

If you are looking for a cheaper metaverse coin to invest in, Enjin Coin is worth checking out. It offers a smooth, user-friendly experience in buying and selling NFT. Enjin started its metaverse journey in 2021 and has raised $100 million.

5. Render Token

This one deals more with the GPU space that metaverse-oriented startups need. The project that supplies GPU power could serve metaverse platforms well. 

The token was launched in 2020 with a price of only $0.05. Since then, its value has risen to $8.76. So why shouldn’t people get this service from Google Cloud or Amazon? If they complete their Web3 evolution, of course, they can monopolize there too and the Render project may not be needed.

6. Bloktopia

Bloktopia is an engaging metaverse project with VR capabilities. The 3D virtual platform takes the form of a 21-story building where users can purchase floor space. Here you can play games or trade. Binance also rented space from here. 

The price has dropped to a level close to the figures when it was first listed, so it could be a good entry opportunity. Of course, your money can also go to zero. All decision and responsibility are yours.

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