What Will the Metaverse Change?

What Will the Metaverse Change?

With Metaverse, the new agenda of the digital world is on the minds, and the issue of whether Metaverse will only remain as a technology trend or whether it will start a new era in our lives remains on the agenda. So what will Metaverse change in our lives, and what will be its effects?

Crypto, NFT, Metaverse… A collection of digital concepts that we only heard about a few years ago… Technological developments accelerated due to both the effect of the pandemic and other factors. 

While the feeling of trust that cryptocurrencies had difficulty providing in the first period left its place for investments, there was a digital transformation in art with the concept of non-fungible token (NFT) that followed.

While the first NFT created many conceptual confusions in minds, we now see an endless NFT race in brands. Metaverse, whose name we have heard a lot lately, first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash in the 90s.

The concept of Metaverse is referred to as “artificial life in the virtual world of perception”; It comes from the combination of the Greek word “meta” meaning “then” and the English word “universe” meaning universe. So what does life beyond the universe promise us?

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse, which is a perceptual universe that does not require physical effort, can be felt mentally with the help of augmented and virtual reality devices and can be defined as a collective virtual sharing space formed by the combination of all digital worlds.

Of course, the place of this definition in our lives is not just a definition. The idea that real life would also be integrated, and that a new world would be created by going even further, started to be accepted gradually.

In particular, the virtual currencies of the public space promised by Metaverse, which promises to create a virtual public space, are also traded in the crypto money market.

To summarize the concept of a metaverse in a language far from terms; It can be said that the virtual world, such as multiplayer games called MMOs and virtual meetings, which are indispensable in our lives with the pandemic, is a kind of reality universe created with the help of certain technological tools and offering the opportunity to experience the real and virtual world simultaneously.

The first city to enter this universe, which is not far from us, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. With the conclusion of the project, it is known that city tours can be carried out with augmented reality devices and various public services will be offered.

What is the Metaverse?
What is the Metaverse?

Undoubtedly, Facebook played the biggest role in the development process of Metaverse. Having acquired the Oculus company, which is one of the biggest Metaverse investors and provides services on virtual reality devices, Facebook changed the company name to “Meta”, allowing many people to get to know the concept of Metaverse closely.

The concept of Metaverse has come to the forefront as Facebook is closely interested in the subject and shifts its focus to this area. While there is no pioneer in this field yet, the courage of a big company like Facebook to leap into the Metaverse world is due to its large data pool.

Having millions of users, Facebook also has metadata of millions of people. This raises the suspicion that individual borders will not protect in the new world, which is based on artificial intelligence. That’s why the Metaverse’s process of gaining the trust of the masses seems to take a long time.

On the other hand, with many brands stepping into this universe under the leadership of Facebook, the doors of the Metaverse world are opening to people. So much so that we have already started to hear about the brands whose names are called Metaverse.

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What will the Metaverse change?

Although Metaverse is seen as a game industry-based market, it is expected that many areas will be reshaped with Metaverse technologies in the future. Although the Metaverse is a virtual world, it seems that competition will continue in this world without slowing down.

Metaverse, which creates a new market space from the perspective of brands, offers an opportunity to get ahead for brands that foresee the future. It looks like a transformation will take place as brands buy virtual properties in this world and develop their brand assets and experiences.

For example, in the fashion and decoration sector; The application of textile products and furniture to household goods with the help of augmented reality is the first step towards this. Some brands have already started to sell these virtual products.

With Metaverse, a greater number and variety of opportunities, jobs, and content can be produced than we have seen in the current internet ecosystem.

With Metaverse, new companies, products, and services are also expected to emerge to manage everything from payment processing, authentication, recruitment, advertising, content creation, security, and more. This means that many of today’s employees will end their jobs and transform.

According to research, it is predicted that there will be approximately 3.5 billion augmented reality users by 2022 which will exceed 18 billion dollars in 2023. These rates correspond to more than 25 percent of the world’s population.

The fact that the market volume of Mertaverse was at these rates naturally caused the brands to take action. After Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would now be a Metaverse company, and the company name was changed to “Meta”, the concept of Metaverse was also adopted by brands.

Brands that stepped into the digital world with different NFT collections before, started to step into the Metaverse world after Facebook’s breakthrough.

Brands entering the world of Metaverse

1. Facebook


Facebook, which perhaps opened the door of the Metaverse world to us and has large data sources such as WhatsApp and Instagram under its roof, changed its name to “Meta” and started its Metaverse journey. The founder and CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, introduced the world of Metaverse, which he will develop and present to its users in the next 10 years.

The system of the company they call Horizon has not been opened to users yet, but it is known that it has been developed for a long time. Zuckerberg, who accepts Metaverse as the future of the world, says that the platform will serve both business and entertainment.

It is known that Meta, which is also open to third-party developments, has been redesigned by GTA San Andreas in order to use Rockstar Games’ Oculus virtual reality glasses in order to play games over the virtual universe.

It is known that Meta, with its new name, which is said to offer services in the field of education, has also invested 150 million dollars in content producers. Participating in the Metaverse world that Facebook is developing will be possible with the Oculus Quest virtual reality set, which is the product of Oculus, which the company has purchased.

Finally, Facebook introduces Project Cambria, an augmented reality product, as well as its virtual reality set, giving the message that it is ready for the Metaverse world with all its details.

2. Microsoft


With Facebook’s entry into the Metaverse world, Microsoft was the first company to step into this world. With the pandemic bringing the remote working model to our lives, Microsoft, which made many breakthroughs in this field, made its Metaverse move with the widespread use of video conferencing applications.

The news that Microsoft will use the virtual and real world together with its video conferencing application Teams has been an indication that the company will take its place in Metaverse. It is stated that the innovation, where users can display their own movements through avatars, will provide a more comfortable environment for employees.

In a statement made by Teams, which has 250 million users, it is said that the presentation of avatars shows that the metaverse elements are real. It is also said that Microsoft’s presence in Metaverse will not be limited to the video conferencing application, but will be included in the Metaverse world with games.

In this world, where it will be involved with augmented and virtual reality devices such as Facebook, Microsoft is preparing to integrate applications close to the Metaverse into games and Xbox for now.

3. Nike


Entering the world of Metaverse by collaborating with Roblox, one of the popular video games, Nike calls its new world “Nikeland”. Access to Nikeland, which is also open to user visits, is also free for now.

In addition, various games such as “Tag”, “The Floor Is Lava” and “Fire Ball” are also offered. Nikeland also offers the Nike store within the application, where players can shop for their avatars. 

After taking these small steps into the world of Nike Metaverse, he has the idea of ​​hosting sports events related to global sports events in the coming periods. The company is also considering the idea of ​​presenting the 2022 World Cup on the platform.

4. Dyson


Luxury home appliance manufacturer Dyson joins the Metaverse world with its products. Dyson Demo VR, with the visualization and simulation technology used by the company’s engineers, was created with the company’s entry into the Metaverse world.

This technology of Dyson; prototyping helps develop new products and software. On the virtual platform, customers can test many products of the brand from their homes.

In addition to these companies, Metaverse trials are carried out with small trials by brands that have a large share of the global market. For example, in the past days, Gucci offered products to players that they can use in the game at the Gucci Garden event in Roblox.

Even though some small steps and some big steps have entered the Metaverse world, the efforts of brands to exist in the Metaverse world show that we are opening the door to a new digital world.

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