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Shopify users can now tokegate special products and NFT drops

Shopify has integrated “fresh tools” to help users build tokegating tools giving merchants and token holders a chance to access rare products, NFT drops, and other benefits.

Shopify encourages NFTs tokegation

The world’s largest e-commerce platform, Shopify, has announced the integration of Web3 tools to allow merchants to access new products. According to reports surfing the internet, Shopify now allows merchants to tokegate and use unique products, NFT drops, and much more.

A blockchain designer for Shopify tweeted on Feb 9 that the e-commerce platform had launched unique Web3 tools to aid merchants in their tokegating processes.

According to the tweet from the platform’s developers, Shopify’s new Web3 tools will be powered by blockchain technology, leveraging components such as “the presentation layer” that displays “gate status and requirements.

The Web3 tools have now improved the platform’s wallet system with a unique tokegating interphase that stands out against other e-commerce platforms. The tools have been in the beta test phase since June last year, with a fairly small community of merchants using the tool. Shopify now gives merchants access to arrange their shops in their preferred arrangement and orientation thanks to the tokegating tools.

Additionally, tokegating on Shopify will allow developers on the blockchain to verify the credibility and eligibility of merchants to mint and vend Non-Fungible Tokens on Shopify through the e-commerce platform’s payment system using a third-party application.

Shopify has increased its exposure to cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Shopify launched in mid-2006 and has since expanded its territories to house more than 800,000 virtual stores. The platform recently secured an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain sign-in option for the Ethereum SIWE protocol for crypto enthusiasts. The protocol integration improves and reinforces the support of crypto payments and digital asset wallets.

The protocol allows Shopify users to sign in to their Ethereum wallet accounts using their ENS domains in a secure manner that also protects the identities of the individuals. The ENS sign-in option verifies the identities of these individuals before authorizing any log-in access to reduce the chances of impersonation and possible data privacy and protection breach.

Moreover, Shopify users will also have the opportunity to connect their Ethereum addresses to intermediate partners such as Coinbase, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, Portis, and Turos after the retailer adds the SIWE feature to the platform’s wallet.

E-commerce platforms have shown significant interest in the entire virtual world. June 2022 saw eBay, another e-commerce giant, make an enormous acquisition of KnowOrigin NFT marketplace, which is based in the United Kingdom. Around the same time, Shopify also announced the launch of a new feature dubbed NFT-gated storefronts.

The feature allows users to invite community members and earn rewards in the form of loyalty. Shopify has already made moves in the blockchain world through partnerships with Doodles, Cool Cats, and other renowned entities in the NFT arena.

In the wake of the crypto turbulence, NFTs have continuously made headlines as more brands, organizations, and companies invade the space.


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