Here's How Web3 Will be Different in 2023

Amazon Web Services looks to strengthen with top Web3 talent

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seeking to expand its Web3 team as it prepares to enter the decentralized technology space.

Senior GTM specialist wanted

E-commerce giant Amazon is looking for frash Web3 talent for it’s Web Services division. The company has put out Linkedin a job listing for a senior Go-To-Market (GTM) specialist for Web3. The chosen candidate will join the AWS Web3 Go-To-Market team and promote the use of Web3 workloads on the platform.

The company has noted a growing demand for decentralized technologies and is looking for competent professionals with experience in blockchain, smart contracts, and other Web3 technologies. Amazon has previously posted jobs for developers and engineers in the Web3 realm, with its web hosting service announcing a partnership with the Avalanche blockchain. While the company has been working on its own coin program since 2013, it was mainly a loyalty program rather than a crypto initiative.

Amazon is expanding into the realm of Web3

This news comes a week after rumors that AWS’s parent company was looking to jump on Web3 through an NFT initiative of its own. The company is looking to launch a digital asset enterprise starting this spring and is busy shopping for potential partners, including layer-1 blockchains, gaming startups, and various digital asset exchanges.

With its efforts to hire top Web3 talent and explore NFT initiatives, AWS is determined to provide Web3 solutions and services. As the Web3 space continues to expand, it remains to be seen how AWS will position itself to meet the growing demand for decentralized technologies.

Amazon also intends to launch a digital asset enterprise and has been exploring potential partners in layer-1 blockchains, gaming startups, and digital asset exchanges. The company is reportedly focused on “blockchain-based gaming and related NFT applications.” Additionally, Amazon customers may be able to play cryptocurrency games and claim free NFTs for their efforts.

Internet behemoth is looking to carve a slice off the new Web3 paradigm

Web3 is considered the next iteration of the internet, and many companies are preparing for this transition. Non-fungible tokens are used to prove ownership in a decentralized network. Amazon, through its AWS, is seeking to boost its Web3 team to provide necessary solutions and services tailored for Web3 enterprises.

Amazon’s Web3 plans are expected to become clearer in April, with sources alluding to an accompanying NFT drop.

Conversely, Amazon has recently introduced its massive mainstream audience to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens through a six-part TV series called NFTMe. It showcases 50 pioneers in the NFT space across four continents, including musicians, artists, and industry professionals.


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