The Mfers Founder is Back - Here's What You Need to Know

The Mfers Founder is Back – Here’s What You Need to Know

In September of last year, NFT founder and creator of ‘mfers’ disappeared into thin air. 

This was not a rug, but a mimicry of how Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared. This mysterious creator made one last open-edition mfer drawing to close their end of the deal (titled ‘GN mfer’s) before vanishing without a trace. 

The anon NFT collector, who first appeared on the scene in 2021, had incredible success with the meme brand ‘mfers’. Everyone wanted a piece of this stick-figure action, and after launching in November of 2021, mfers generated over $1.5 million in sales.

No restrictions for the community, an all cc0 project, no roadmap, and most of all, no ruler of the project. By early 2022, the anonymous founder had a following of over 100k.

Before riding off into the sunset, Sartoshi transferred the mfers contract into a multi-sig wallet, giving the community ownership of the project. After disappearing, many people speculated who the real Sartoshi could be, and if they were ever coming back. 

In his most recent Mirror post, the founder explains that he thought it would be “a powerful event to leave it all and transfer the mfers smart contract to the community.” Therefore, through this move, Sartoshi handed over all authority surrounding the MFers project to the community.

No need to ponder on this anymore – Sartoshi is back as @Sartoshi_RIP, having made their grand re-entrance through a Mirror post. 

The meme NFT creator has finally put forth a statement. In it, the anonymous entity ‘Sartoshi’ chronicles the gradual disappearance and reappearance, and lays out their plans for the future. 

Sartoshi lays out that the “End Of Sartoshi” NFTs are to serve as an ongoing pass that unlocks free claims to top-tier NFT projects. The project will continue as a leaderless organization. 

So, starting in 2023, the NFT space will witness the return of the meme lord in full drive. With the way the market has been this year, we could all use some more memes and laughter.

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