Built With NFT Collection

“Built With NFT” NFT Collection

The “Built With NFT” non-fungible token (NFT) collection is 10,000 unique NFTs and 100% of proceeds from the project go to building schools and communities around the world.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has partnered with Satoshibles to create Built With NFT – a collection of unique NFTs that will drive hundreds of ETH to humanitarian efforts. 

To maximize the impact, 100% of the ETH generated will fund the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to build schools and communities around the world with their next projects initiated in West Africa and Central America in 2022. 

Secondary sales of Built-with-NFT NFTs when made on Opensea will generate a royalty payment to the Built with Bitcoin Foundation of 7.5%. 100% of these royalty payments will go to the ongoing fulfillment of the Built with NFT vision and mission.

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