President Biden's Son Hunter Biden Slammed for Refusing to Answer NFT Questions During Crypto Talk Show

President Biden’s Son Hunter Biden Slammed for Refusing to Answer NFT Questions During Crypto Talk Show

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has been criticized for refusing to answer questions related to his non-fungible tokens (NFTs) journey during a crypto talk show. 

On Tuesday, Biden sat down with crypto’s beloved Mario Nawfal of The Crypto Roundtable. What initially started off as a conversation about Biden’s life as an artist veered into a discussion on mental health and his interests in the digital space. Biden topped off the call by refusing to answer a question on whether or not he’d offer his art as an NFT.

Mario Nawfal hosted Biden on his podcast, The Crypto Roundtable Show, to discuss NFTs and cryptocurrency along with Donald Kushner – the creator of the NFT Cryptosaurs. 

NFTs and art appear to be a new interest of Biden – who is currently under investigation for his business deals with foreign countries. He called himself an artist inspired by the Brandywine Valley in Philadelphia where he grew up and hadn’t been able to dedicate his life to art until recently. 

‘I’ve always been an artist from the time I’ve been a child, and I think it’s always been the center of my life,’ Biden said. ‘Not until recently have I been able to devote the entirety of my day to art.’

‘Art was always a part of me and something that I’ve always practiced but never been able to devote eight hours a day to it as I have for the past three years.’ 

Biden said he sees art as being a form of meditation but shared he got into NFTs because of the joy of creating digital art. Biden hasn’t sold any NFTs. 

While Biden was supposed to chat more about NFTs and his artistic journey, he instead discussed his mental health journey.

It wasn’t until after Biden seemingly hung up that Nawfal revealed the interview was ‘f******* stressful’ because there were questions he couldn’t ask the first son.

Biden said he has been an artist since he was young and is thrilled to dedicate more of his time to it. He was asked how art was therapeutic to him – to which he answered that he doesn’t consider it therapy. 

‘I have a therapist,’ Biden said. ‘But you know, when I make my art, and I make art every day at least as many hours as I can possibly fit in with the day… When I make art, I become fully immersed in it. It’s something that takes up the entirety of my attention or focus.

‘About five or six years ago, in a period of time when I was searching for answers to get out of the dark hole that I was in,’ Biden said. 

He explained that he studied with the teacher for about 20 years and was encouraged to pursue some category of artistic expression as a way of meditation.

Biden further said that his main focus is on art, his recovery, and his family.

‘I’m in a better place than I’ve – I think – I’ve ever been in my life,’ he said. 

‘Probably the most profound lesson that I’ve learned is one day at a time,’ Biden said. 

Biden was later asked to confirm if he hasn’t sold any of his NFTs yet – but he dropped off the call without answering. 

Host Nawfal appeared to have been relieved when Biden and Kushner dropped off the interview without saying goodbye – and was quick to express how difficult it was to carry the conversation. 

‘It was a bit difficult for us because we had questions we could ask him [and] couldn’t ask,’ Nawfal said. ‘Behind the scenes that were tough… There were a lot of requirements we had to meet. F*** that was so stressful. That was so f****** stressful, man.’ 

Nawfal said he didn’t prepare for the interview and wasn’t aware Biden would be bringing up ‘delicate’ subjects.  

‘Usually, I’m very open, I ask questions,’ Nawfal said. ‘It’s like a free mic, anyone could ask questions. We always let debates happen. But this is the first time where we, like, kind of f****** hands tied.’

The host was then questioned about why he would have Biden on to promote his art if the conversation had to be censored.  

‘My fault was to accept any guests, I don’t care if it’s a president next time, any guests that come on, that’s my rule moving forward as of today,’ he said. ‘Any guests that come on from now on have to be ready to be able to answer my f****** questions we want to ask. No pre-packed questions.’ 

Nawful then got a message from a producer that Kushner and Biden didn’t leave, but rather, there was a glitch that disconnected the call. 

Kushner’s business partner then unmuted his microphone to confront Nawful. 

‘I have not heard anybody thrown under the bus that way because of a glitch on your system that knocked Donald and Hunter off the network go so quickly dark and put the blame on somebody that had no control over what happened and quickly construct a narrative,’ Mike Bonhoeffer said. 

Bonhoeffer then said they limited the questions that could be asked of Biden because he wanted to avoid contentious political discussions. 

‘Hunter is somebody who does not want to talk about politics because he’s not a politician, he’s an artist,’ Bonhoeffer said. ‘We took a look at the stream of vitriol that came when you put the promo up on your Twitter feed, and it was thousands of people s***talking Hunter Biden. So, we have to put constraints on this.’ 

Nawfal then apologized for assuming the two intentionally left. 

‘It’s very unusual for two people to get kicked off at the same time – it happens though – so I assumed that based on that and that’s my mistake.’  

Biden is currently under investigation by the FBI that dates back to 2018 and was sparked by Hunter’s business deals with foreign countries while his father Joe Biden was vice president. 

Since 2019, the FBI has been in possession of revealing emails, furtive text messages, and photographs from Hunter’s abandoned laptop he never intended to fall into law enforcement’s hands. 

The First Son wrote on a gun application that he was not a user of illegal drugs but later admitted in his own memoir that he was a crack addict at the time.

Lying on gun forms is a felony, punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Potential charges for alleged undeclared income may focus on his work for the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma and deals with Chinese financial firms.

The Washington Post reported last month that federal agents believe there is enough evidence to charge Hunter with tax crimes and lying on a firearms transaction document. 

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