Relic Tickets and Unstoppable Domains to Make Proof of Attendance Possible

Relic Tickets and Unstoppable Domains to Make Proof of Attendance Possible

Unstoppable Domains has partnered with blockchain-based ticketing platform Relic Tickets in a bid to allow users to show proof of attendance with Relic NFT Smart Tickets.

In a recent blog post, Unstoppable Domains, the company that connects Web2 to Web3 through the use of blockchain domains, announced that it is launching the ability to showcase Proof of Attendance NFT Smart Tickets in your Unstoppable Domains profile as part of a partnership with Relic Tickets.

“Now, you can use your profile to display digital badges for events you’ve attended simply by entering your domain in the Relic mobile app – connecting your fandom with your digital identity through Unstoppable, and giving you more ownership of the events you’ve attended,” the company said.

In simple terms, users can now display events they have attended on their digital profile with Relic Smart Tickets. These non-fungible token (NFT) Smart Tickets are digital badges that recognize events like music concerts, sporting events, conferences, and brand activations amongst others. 

“With Relic’s recent entrance into the ticketing of venues across the United States, NFT Smart Tickets let fans obtain and proudly display their collectible ‘ticket stubs’ on the blockchain forever.”

For instance, users would be able to collect and display FIFA World Cup badges from around the world or a coveted Taylor Swift tour badge. According to Unstoppable Domains, this will create new value, benefits, and a relationship with the fan and their experience.

“Your Unstoppable Domains Profile is like a Web3 LinkedIn page. The addition of tickets to the Unstoppable profile enables real utility for companies to offer rewards and future perks – and for people to reap the benefits of being devoted fans. Utility is much more powerful than hype,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains.

In a world where 10-40% of tickets are being scalped and over 5 million people receive ‘fake’ tickets every year, Relic is focusing on eliminating fraud and mitigating scalping. Previously, Unstoppable Domains had formed Web3 Domain Alliance to support the advancement of Web3 initiatives.

“We’re trying to change the actual definition of ‘ticket’ because of what an NFT can do these days, and create flawless access across an entire experience,” says Hunter Abramson, CEO at Relic Tickets.

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