Gary Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends Announces Winter ’22 Apparel Collection

Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends Announces Winter ’22 Apparel Collection

VeeFriends, Gary Vaynerchuk’s non-fungible token (NFT) collection, has launched its Winter 2022 Apparel Collection that features VeeFriends Classic logo items and 5 seasonal characters selected by the entrepreneur.

The collection of 24 items features both classic designs and five new VeeFriends characters. There are premium hoodies, tees, long sleeves, and sweatpants up for grabs. This might be the best chance for interested users to flaunt their favorite VeeFriends characters in style.  

What is the VeeFriends Winter ’22 Apparel Collection?

VeeFriends Winter ’22 Apparel Collection is an apparel line including a limited collection of premium hoodies, tees, long sleeves, and sweatpants. All the apparel is available in unisex sizing and in multiple colors, including Black, Cream, Forest, and Ash Grey. Moreover, VeeFriends will ship the items anywhere in the world!

If you can wait, the Patient Panda clothing line might be the perfect choice for you. Next up is the Grateful Gar Embroidered Hoodie, suitable for those “deeply connected with gratitude.” Alternatively, those who identify with being authentic, selfless, or competitive will love outfits featuring the authentic anaconda, selfless sloth, and competitive clown.

When will the collection launch?

The collection will be available on Thursday, December 8 at 9:00 am EST. Additionally, GaryVee will go live with the VeeFreinds team to share the “first look” of the VeeFriends 22 Winter Collection at 3 pm ET. m. EST of the same day. He will also share the inspiration behind this season’s look.

The Winter ’22 Collection lookbook was shot at the iconic New York restaurant, Sweet Chick and features a cast of family and friends including:

  • Alani Noelle
  • Kim Shui
  • Lil Polo Tee
  • Mona Vand
  • Mark Shami
  • Nia Spencer 
  • With an appearance by Andy Krainak, President of VeeFriends

VeeFriends continues its vision to focus on creating value for IP through dynamic brand collaborations, outreach experiences, and fashion collections. The series follows VeeFriends’ successful collaborations with cult fashion and streetwear companies like Staple Pigeon, Anwar Carrots, Kim Shui, Starter x END Clothing, and Vintage Frames.

Interested users can buy the Apparel using the VeeFriends shop. There is no limitation to who can buy the items. However, VeeFriends holders will get 10 minutes of early access to the site to buy the items. Besides, the first 555 buyers will also get a limited edition Friends & Family VeeFriends tee. 

“For today’s release of our Winter ’22 Collection at 9 am EST, we are giving away this exclusive Friends and Family Tee with the first 555 orders,” VeeFriends tweeted today. “That’s right! If you’re one of the first 555 orders today, we will include one of these limited edition tees in your order.”

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