After DeGods, 9dcc CEO Gmoney Now Doxes Himself

After DeGods, 9dcc CEO Gmoney Now Doxxes Himself

Following in the footsteps of Y00ts and DeGods founder Frank DeGods, Gmoney has joined the trend and doxxed himself.

Gmoney shared his image in a recent Twitter post reading ‘Feeling cute, might delete later’. 

However, that is all that he shared. We still do not know his name, career history, or any other identifying details. The doxxing also comes as 9dcc’s Pop-Up Shop opens with the release of its sequel drop “ITERATION-02” at Art Basel, Miami. 

Gmoney is a futurist, disruptor, and CEO of Web3 Luxury House 9dcc. Up until now we have known him as his CryptoPunk PFP.

During the past couple of years from the lunch of the popular non-fungible token (NFT)project Admit One and the founding of 9dcc, Gmoney has remained steadfast in his conviction to withhold his identity, preferring that his actions speak for themselves.

Last year, he revealed that he was asked to reveal his identity by numerous media outlets in order to get more credibility. 

“I have recently been asked to be in some major publications, but only on the condition that I dox myself, bc we are taught that is the only way to have credibility. But if there’s anything that I’ve learned the last few months, is being being dox’d doesnt give more credence.”

However, at the time, he claimed that what is more is reputation. “Your name is really irrelevant. I think we’re probably closer to some sort of social credit/reputation system than people think. I see it in the DeFi as well as the NFT metaverses.”

But now, the NFT veteran has abandoned his mask to reveal his visible identity, bringing to light the full scope of his personal brand and growing Web3 empire.

“The space needs strong and visible leaders, now more than ever,” said Gmoney upon his reveal. “With the first 9dcc pop-up starting tonight, we are bridging the digital and physical worlds together. Now is time for the next chapter to start.”

Notably, Gmoney’s doxxing comes just few days after Frank DeGods, a huge name in the NFT space who is founder of DeGods and y00ts (two of the Top NFT Projects on the Solana blockchain), doxxed himself.

Frank has 146k followers on Twitter and is somewhat of a celebrity.

Since doxxing, Frank (or Rohun – what do we call him now!?) has been met with praise. It turns out that the person behind the PFP attended UCLA for two years, dropped out to pursue a fellowship at Y-Combinator, briefly studied engineering with General Assembly, and then went on to work at MainStreet. Then, he found success in Web3!

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