Opera to Offer NFT Creation and Instant Publishing Tool

Opera to Offer NFT Creation and Instant Publishing Tool

Opera has announced that it will offer an easy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) creation tool by early next year.

The add-on, which will be added to Opera’s crypto browser, will provide users with an easy, no-code way to create NFTs and review the simplified features of their smart contracts.

Opera Doubles Down on NFTs

With the new feature, media files can be turned into NFTs by placing them on the launchpad.

Non-coding NFT production platforms plan to make it easier for users to get involved in the NFT industry. While these platforms aren’t new, Opera is hoping it will encourage more people to explore the burgeoning NFT industry with the browser targeted at not only crypto enthusiasts, but also the crypto curious.

“We are giving users the opportunity to contribute freely to this ecosystem. Now, our users will be able to create NFTs instantly and simply with no platform usage fees,” said Susie Batt, crypto ecosystem lead at Opera.

The new product follows the introduction of Opera’s DegenKnows in November, an NFT analytics tool for discovering and tracking collections. In addition to providing on-chain data including trades made by whales, it also tracks social signals such as collections’ social media footprints and interest among NFT insiders. 

The offering is made possible courtesy of a new partnership with Alteon.io, an all-in-one ecosystem for content creators whose mission is to democratize the creative process. 

“At Alteon, our goal is to level the playing field for content creators of all backgrounds by building an ecosystem of world-class tools accessible to everyone,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon, adding:

“Our partnership with Opera bridges the tech gap between traditional creatives and the Web3 creator economy, so anyone can benefit from the opportunities that blockchain technologies offer. With Alteon LaunchPad, we are capturing the feelings of exploration and curiosity that are fueling the new digital world.”

Opera claims that more than 350 million people use the Opera browser, game browser, and crypto browser that it has released for computers.

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