SuperRare's RarePass Generates $4.5M for the NFT Marketplace

SuperRare’s RarePass Generates $4.5M for the NFT Marketplace

SuperRare’s RarePass, which will allow users to receive specially curated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for creators, has generated over $4.5 million for the marketplace. 

Described as a subscription-based service by SuperRare’s COO, Kyle Olney, holders of the Genesis RarePass will have exclusive benefits, including receiving 1x guaranteed monthly airdrop “from a rotating roster of legendary crypto artists for 12 months.”

Each artist will create a series of 250 unique pieces of art for corresponding RarePass holders. The collections are intended to reflect the beginning of a new era for each of these artists, according to Olney.

The exclusive crypto art NFT marketplace has sold the entire collection of NFT passes for more than 3,000 ETH ($4.5 million). The passes sold out quickly, and the RarePass #1 NFT sold for an incredible 138 ETH via a timed auction. 

The 250 RarePass: Genesis NFTs have fantastic utility and will provide the pass holders with monthly crypto art airdrops from prominent artists such as Pindar Van Arman, Krista Kim, XCOPY, and others.

The new pass provides a curated list of artists with an edge and gets their work seen by a wider audience.

In an effort to gamify the art collecting experience, an additional three artworks by 12 other artists will be distributed randomly to select pass holders on a monthly basis, totaling 24 artists.

A 24-hour auction for the first RarePass began on November 15 without a set floor price.

SuperRare RarePass: Genesis holders will receive a piece of crypto art via an airdrop every month. Twelve participating artists are creating and using original art for this project. 

The artists are – Pindar Van Arman, Coldie, Matt Kane, Krista Kim, Carlos Marcial, Other World, OSF, Robness, Helena Sarin, Anne Spalter, XCOPY, and Sarah Zucker. Each artist will create over 250 unique artworks (one airdrop per month for each pass holder).

Significantly, an additional twelve artists will create crypto art, distributed randomly to different RarePass NFT holders. Artists such as ALIENQUEEN, Botto, DieWithTheMostLikes, Drift, and Hackatao will participate in this random airdrop. Three different NFT holders will receive these artworks each month, making them extremely rare!

SuperRare is an exclusive crypto art market for buying and selling NFTs. This NFT marketplace lists a curated array of digital artwork produced by prominent NFT artists and up-and-coming creators, billing itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s.” Its focus on quality over quantity has earned SuperRare a relatively upmarket reputation within the NFT platform space.

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